Carbon C5 GT2 Style Flared Front Fenders

$2,499.00 $1,375.00



Pictures are for reference, actual fenders will be carbon fiber. If we get to 10 we will refund $100
Ok guys/gals! It’s time to start the GROUP BUY on the GT2 Style Flared Front Fenders for the C5 (1 inch flare) I’ll start by saying this, I understand it’s not for everyone, this is for someone that is ok with a wait and saving quite a bit of money in the process. I’ve spoken to manufacturing about the timeframe and although I will push them as hard as I can, I would expect 5 months minimum. These are made overseas, so a lot of our wait time is shipping to and from. With that said, if you’re ok with a wait time, you’d save almost 50% off retail. We will have 3 different materials, one full carbon, fiberglass with a carbon overlay on the vent and full fiberglass.
The way the group buy will work is we’d need payment up front, as when you order, I’m ordering your set. You are locked in to that set and if you sell your car, wreck it etc, you are responsible for selling your spot. I have no problem switching someone out, but these are ordered for you the day you pay. If we get 10 pre-orders per material/part number we get an additional discount, but the 10 isn’t required, it’s just gets us a better price.
Pricing is as follows.
Carbon – Retail $2499
Fiberglass W/Carbon Vent – Retail $2199
Fiberglass – Retail $1899
Carbon $1375 or $1275 if we get 10 preorders
Fiberglass w/carbon vent $1230 or $1130 if we get 10 preorders
Fiberglass – $1085 or $1000 if we get 10 preorders
Shipping is $140 to anywhere in the lower 48 states. We do ship to Canada but it’s a bit more.
I hope it’s not confusing. Here’s an example…if we get 9 preorders for Carbon, then price is $1375, but if we got the 10th person, then it would drop another $100 and this the same for fiberglass with carbon vent and all fiberglass.